Do you consider yourself to be a homebody? You’re not alone. In fact, a recent study found that people are now spending nearly 70 percent of their time at home. Coupled with the fact that our pets are home even when we’re not, it’s important to make sure your pet-friendly apartment is both comfortable and safe for you and them.

Summer Crest Apartments in Anaheim, California, understands the importance of making your pet-friendly apartment home for everyone, so we put together some helpful tips on decorating in a way that fits your aesthetic without compromising the needs of your furry companion. Let’s take a look!

Design with Safety in Mind

We always want our pets to be safe, and the type of pet you have may change some of the ways you decorate your apartment in order to make sure that’s the case. If you’re a dog owner, placing breakable or valuable items higher up may prevent them from falling victim to an excitedly-wagging tail, but because cats have a natural tendency to climb, this may not suit your situation. Additionally, keeping chemicals and foods that are dangerous for pets and avoiding plants that are poisonous are other steps you can take to keep your pet-friendly apartment as pet-safe as possible.

Dedicate Some Space for Your Pet

In the same way that you have your own bedroom, carving out a specific area of your pet-friendly apartment for your four-legged friend has a number of benefits. Most importantly, it gives them somewhere they can go when they’re feeling stressed or tired. This area can also be helpful when it comes to training since they can spend their time here when you’re not at home. Their haven can include their bed, toys, food, and water dishes, all of which should be easily accessible.

Invest in Pet-Proof Furniture

Pets have a tendency to get curious when they get bored, which can occasionally have unintentionally destructive consequences on home furnishings. Designers recommend opting for materials that discourage chewing or clawing when selecting home decor. This can include more metals when it comes to furniture and fully upholstered couches and chairs.

Performance fabrics should also be taken into consideration, both in terms of seating, as well as floor coverings. Leather or pleather couches are easier to clean both stains and pet hair from, and indoor/outdoor rugs are easily washable and tend to hold up better against pet nails and foot traffic.

Now that you’ve got some interior design ideas with your furry friend in mind, contact Summer Crest Apartments, where we welcome four-legged residents to our community. Along with our pet policy*, our many pet amenities include comfortable walking paths and courtyards with plenty of green, open space to play outside. Contact us today to learn more about our one-, two-, and three-bedroom pet-friendly apartment options in Anaheim!

*Summer Crest’s pet policy does include a 50-pound weight limit and breed restrictions based on size and behavioral traits for dogs. We do not have any restrictions on cat breeds. Smaller animals—including hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles—must be caged and kept in sanitary conditions. Please contact our leasing office for more information on animals not listed here.