A crispy outside surrounding a warm, gooey inside. Sesame seeds, aged parmesan cheese, and possibly jalapenos (for our more adventurous residents) sprinkled on top. A thick layer of cream cheese spread evenly on both halves. Is your mouth watering yet? If you love bagels, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve searched far, low, and in between for the perfect homemade bagel recipe. And because it is almost National Bagelfest Day, now is the perfect time to bake some fresh bagels, top them with your favorite ingredients, and enjoy.  Here are our three favorite homemade bagel recipes. Let us know what you think! 

  1. Simplicity at Its Finest

Sometimes all you want is a plain bagel (maybe a little sea salt sprinkled here and there) with a minimal topping (like butter, honey, or a thin layer of basic cream cheese). This recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction is the perfect match. While there are a variety of topping options, Sally provides a plain and salt version that will be sure to hit the spot. If you decide to go the salt route, buy coarse sea salt. Your bagels will taste divine! 

  1. A Little Bit of Sweetness 

Considering that Allrecipes never lets their audience down, we know this recipe will be a winner. With eight ingredients total, it is a little more complicated than the recipe above. The secret to this ingredient is one cup of honey. The honey produces a sweeter taste than most bagels have. While you can omit the honey, we recommend you keep it. You could even go the extra mile by pouring honey or barley syrup to the boiling water to produce a chewier texture. 

  1. No-Rise, Gluten-Free

Have you ever made bread and let your dough over-rise? Doesn’t produce the best taste or texture, does it? If you are someone who is busy, forgetful, or worried about making a mistake, this recipe is for you. All the rising happens in the oven. No more fretting over the amount of time your dough needs to rise and asking yourself “Is it done yet?” as you repeatedly poke the dough.  We know that some residents may cringe at the “gluten-free” part of this recipe, but we promise you, you can’t even tell! If you’re wanting a minimal, stress-free recipe, make this one.  In honor of National Bagelfest Day, consider baking a batch of heavenly bagels using one of the recipes above. Choose your toppings and the type of cream cheese you prefer, and you will have yourself the perfect breakfast item! And of course, if baking really isn’t your thing, 5th Ave Bagelry down the street is calling your name!