As Summer Crest Apartments residents, we enjoy being close to some of the state’s most beautiful beaches. The time spent splashing in the waves is not only fun, but science proves that it’s actually good for your mental health as well.

If spending time at the beach is a good idea, including friends on those beach visits is an even better one. So plan the date, then show up prepared with these three fun activities to share with your friends.

1. Smash Ball

It’s a beachfront classic. Two people armed with wooden paddles do their best to keep the smash ball from falling in the sand. Bring extra sets of paddles and form teams to keep the ball in play. 

2. Sandcastle-Building Contest

There’s a child in all of us, and nothing brings out that youthful creativity and competitive spirit more than building sandcastles. To amp up the challenge, establish guidelines such as a specific design (building towers on every corner) or teams having to use a specific material (a certain shell) or tool (a paper cup).

3. Target Practice

Much like life, what is built up often must come down. You’ve just created an impressive target range just waiting for a set of water cannons or Super Soakers to level it from a competitive distance. Use a timer to see which player or team can level their target castle the fastest. Or set up a precision challenge where players test their skill at removing sand without allowing a shell to drop from the structure. Use your imagination to come up with different challenges.

Grab your roommates and friends, be sure to remember the cooler of water and snacks, and hit the beach for a day of fun in the sun.