After a stressful week of work or school, the last thing you may want to do is cook a big ol’ homemade meal. Thankfully, Anaheim has so many delicious local restaurants to support within a short distance! If you are wanting to mix up your dinner routine, consider visiting one of our favorite dining spots listed below.

Olligo Grill

Craving Korean barbecue or Japanese food? Olligo Grill is the perfect place for you. They offer a variety of flavorful meals, some of which are the following:

  • Barbecue bowls and plates paired with your choice of meat: chicken, beef, or pork
  • Teriyaki plates with the same meat options as the barbecue dishes, in addition to shrimp, tofu, and salmon
  • Ramen, fried chicken, and soups
  • Tasty appetizers such as rice cake soup and steamed dumplings
  • Smoothies, milk teas, and frappes

Yummy is the right word! Order takeout and eat at a local park, or get your food delivered and enjoy a nice meal in the comfort of your home.

Crab Bite

Nothing hits the spot quite as nicely as seafood, and in Anaheim, we are fortunate to be surrounded by so many seafood restaurants. One of our favorite local restaurants to support is Crab Bite, an eatery known for its exceptional crab legs and seafood sampler. Mix both options with warm butter for dipping, and you’ve got yourself a 10/10 meal.

But don’t just take our word for it. Simply visit their Yelp page and read their reviews yourself! They have almost a five-star rating and several mentionings of their fantastic service and delicious food. And while you are browsing their Yelp page, don’t forget to check out their awesome deals. For March only, they are offering happy hour every day. RUN!

Santa Maria BBQ

Okay, Santa Maria BBQ isn’t exactly in Anaheim, but it’s still a local restaurant that needs your love. Located in Buena Park, this eatery offers all things BBQ, so if you’re a meat lover, read on!

All their meat is freshly cooked, has no antibiotics or growth hormones, has never been frozen, and comes from corn- and grass-fed livestock. You can find comfort in knowing that your food is as fresh and organic as it comes!

Order smoked beef, pork, or chicken with one of their incredible sides that will make you feel as though you’re in the heart of Texas: potato salad, collard greens, BBQ beans, macaroni and cheese, nuclear corn, Santa Maria slaw, and beer-battered fries. Mmmm!

Not in the mood to cook dinner? We’ve got you covered. There are so many local restaurants to support near Anaheim, California. Olligo Grill, Crab Bite, and Santa Maria BBQ will not let you down. Enjoy your meal, and if you have a moment, leave them an honest review after. Happy dining!

Photo credit: Crab Bite