If you’ve just moved to Anaheim, you’ll find that it’s much more than just Disneyland. There are many exciting things to do, especially if you have kids. Here are a handful of ideas for a family-friendly experience in Anaheim that you can do this summer during social distancing.

Picnic Time

There is no better way to spend the early summer evenings than at the park with your family. Consider getting takeout from a local business and eating your food at Maxwell Park—while keeping your gathering small, of course. Your kids might not be able to spend post-dinner on the playground slides yet, but you can peacefully enjoy that California weather we all love.

Movie Night

You may not be able to visit your favorite Disney characters at the theme park, but you can bring Disney to you. Host a fun, family-friendly movie night with your kids. Plan on a princess movie like Moana, or settle for an action-packed film like The Incredibles. And don’t forget the popcorn. There is something about combining buttery goodness with Disney that can’t be beat.

Hiking Adventure

Everyone knows California for its beaches, but would you believe us if we told you there are hundreds of great hiking trails sprawled throughout Orange County and LA? Here are a few of our favorites. Choose a hike that’s appropriate for your kids’ ages, check to make sure the trail is open, fill up your canteens, and get going! Enjoy the sun, beautiful trees, and wildlife.

Beach Day 

There are so many beaches close to Anaheim. Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach are just a few options. When you visit, pay close attention to the COVID-19 regulations, stay six feet apart from those around you, and wear a mask.

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity to do this summer during quarantine, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy a picnic at the park, a Disney-themed movie night at your apartment, a hike that cuts through the gorgeous California hills, or a day lounging on one of the many local beaches.